What We Do

Whatever technological requirements needed by your organization, we at ITBeings Limited are dedicated to meeting those needs; focusing on taking your business to utmost level. Embracing modish technologies to empower your business and services; we can set you leaping a wide margin between you and your competitors.

Web Design & Development

Perception is everything. Your first impression determines your long time impression of value in people’s mind.

We develop a total custom-built site that establishes your Brand Identity. Our web layout interprets your visual identity; our coded scripts enhance your functional processes for effective and profitable goals. A well designed website can increase online business conversion ratio. We work with your vision and essence in mind: As we combine creative aesthetics, strategy, design and creative intelligence to reinforce your presence for fortune, ensuring an unforgettable online presence that keeps your target audience ever in touch with your brand.

Contact us and let’s give you a perfect web presence.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

We offer a variety of shared hosting plans suitable for all types of small to mid-range websites.

Our virtual dedicated servers are ideal for sites that need more isolation and flexibility than shared web hosting, but aren’t quite ready for a dedicated server.

If your website has advanced needs that don’t fit into traditional shared web hosting, our custom hosting solutions might be an ideal fit.

Software/App Development

Are you been bored lately, in search for the right app developer for you desktop or website? Your search ends here and now. We do beyond creating apps; we create apps to suit your corporate style and approach to work. We put all your habitual parameters, corporate behaviour, documentations, performance and speed of work etiquette in consideration. In ITBeings, every little thing counts. We focus on boosting your corporate performance in strong alignment to your bottom line.

Examples of apps you may need, if not in place include: Enterprise App, Accounting App, Office Suites, etc

Mobile Application Development

Web Services, Web Maintenance & Search Engine Optimisation

We maintain your site’s content and visual identity. No matter how hectic your corporate task, and updates we are up to your demands. We are responsive to changes. This service empowers your site to be effective and lively.

SEO is the most cost effective and efficient method of making the online business visible to potential visitors searching through search engines. That’s where we come in; we help your websites get listed. 85% of your web site’s traffic comes from search engines. Getting keywords to top spots on search require a great amount of skill, expertise and a great amount of hours + manual labor. Our experts can help you appear where you need to appear.

Let’s revive your website!

Open Source Customization

We use a number of different open source softwares that suit your demands and preferences. Varying from WordPress, Joomla, Web2py, SilverStripe, ImpressCMS, Moodle and more; we do a total reformation and customisation to suit your needs. Our Open Source signature-design websites, powered & deployed with the likes of WordPress, Joomla e.t.c are hyper-user-friendly and search engine friendly. We always create an online environment where you can create and publish content with ease and finesse.

Basically, we can help you develop your own CMS, App Engine, Learning Environ and so on with the use of any suitable Open Source software.

Solution Consulting

We offer a wide range of consulting services from Development and System Architecture Services, Web and Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Services consulting, and server management.

We are vast in solution provision; we are blessed with partners with various fields.